Friday, May 30, 2008

Maaeri by Euphoria

After ages heard this song, and it touched a chord in the heart, so here it is "Maaeri" by Euphoria:

Teriyaan, meriyaan pul gaya
Pul gaya haar te jeet
Hey maaye ki karna main jeet nu
Howey na je meet, howey na je meet
Bindiya lagati to kaampti thi palkain maeri
chunniyan sajaa ke woh deti waadein kal ke maaeri
Mere haathon main tha uska haath
Thi chaashni si har uski baat
Maaeri aap hi hansdi, maaeri aap hi rondi
Maaeri yaad vo yaad vo aaeri
Gallan o kardi, maaeri aakhan naal larhdi
Maaeri yaad vo yaad vo aaeri
He maaeri

Baarishon main lipatke maa aati thi vo chalke maaeri
Deriyaan ho jaye to roti halke halke maaeri
Phir se main roun, phir se vo gaye
Thandi hawaaen ban ke chhaye
Maaeri heeri o gaandi, maaeri gidde o paundi
Maaeri yaad vo yaad vo aaeri
Jannataa o longdi, maaeri mannatta o mangdi
Maaeri yaad vo yaad vo aaeri

Ab ka karoon, kaa se kahoon e maaeri
Ab ka karoon, kaa se kahoon e maaeri
Duniya paraaee chhod ke aajaa
Jhoote saare naate tod ke aajaa
Saun rab di tujhe ik baari aajaa
Ab ke milein to honge na judaa
Na judaa... Na judaa... ho...

Hoonte to aaye, koi te le aaye
Maaeri yaad vo yaad vo aaeri
Gallaan o kardi, maaeri akhiyan nal larhdi
Maaeri yaad vo yaad vo aaeri
Pull gayi mera pyaar maae, bas lage maheene
Maaeri yaad vo yaad vo aaeri
Yaad vo aaeri, maaeri yaad vo aaeri
Maaeri yaad vo yaad vo aaeri

Ab ka karoon, ka se kahoon e maaeri
Ab ka karoon, ka se kahoon e maaeri.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Saint Francis of Assisi

"Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is doubt, faith". - Saint Francis of Assisi

I bet Saint Francis of Assisi never got married or had money. If his wife stole his money for years or his wife left him and his kid for her boyfriend or his wife filed a false 498A complaint against him, would he be saying the same. ;)

Lyrics of Aksar by Shaan

Found these great lyrics to song called "Aksar" by "Shaan". Thx for the song Babu.

Aksar kyun yun lage ki tum koi aur ho.
Hum tum jahaan the mille woh guzra hua taur ho.
Aksar fir yun lage ki tum meri jaan ho.
Tumse meri zindagi tumhi meri pehchaan ho.
Dil hi dil aksar...
Haan............................tumhe soch kar dil hi dil aksar.
Aksar dil ko hai tumse mujhe kya milla.
Meri zindagi mere pyaar ka,tumne diya ghaisla.
Phir kabhi jub kareeb se main khudko dekhlun agar,dil ke aaene main bas tumhi tum aaogi nazar.
Dil hi dil aksar.
Haan.................tumhe soch kar dil hi dil aksar.
Aksar ek sawaalsa mere zehen main uthe.
Hum tum ghar bichahd gaye honge kaise silsile.
Ghabrakhe main is khayaal se main tumse leeput gaya.
Tumho to main bhi hoon,ab tumse main jaaoon kahaan.
Haan.................tumhe soch kar dil hi dil aksar.
Tumhe soch kar dil hi dil aksar...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Lessons in Life

  • It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence. - Mahatma Gandhi
  • However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. - Sir Winston Churchill
  • You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war. - Albert Einstein
  • Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery. - Malcolm X
  • We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.  - Bertha Calloway
  • It is a mistake to try to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time. - Sir Winston Churchill
  • To win without risk is to triumph without glory. - Pierre Corneille
  • If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it. - Brendan Francis
  • Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it's cowardice. - George Jackson
  • In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on.
  • Never regret something that once made you smile. - Amber Deckers
  • Nothing ever goes away. - Barry Commoner
  • Use soft words and hard arguments. - English Proverb
  • Never feel self-pity, the most destructive emotion there is. How awful to be caught up in the terrible squirrel cage of self.  - Millicent Fenwick
  • If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere. - Frank A. Clark
  • Nothing is impossible. Some things are just less likely than others. - Jonathan Winters
  • It's true we don't know what we've got until its gone, but we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend with Gamini

Another fun filled weekend. Went to watch 'Boothnath' yesterninght with Gamini. Today we did shopping for Dad's Bday (for tomorrow). Right now father & daughter watching old Golmal. Soneone is missing all the fun and time with Gamini.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dinner with Gamini

Went over for dinner with Gamini to Dynesty. Just two of us. We did this after sometime, and it was sheer fun. Had to be, she picked the place. Love you baby. Did our night ritual on our way back, Gamini had her ice cream and i had my coffee. Gamini just chnged into her night suit and time to hit the bed (for her) :).

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

TV shows I am watching now a days

- Smallville Season 7
- Reaper Season 1
- South Park Season 12
- Battlestar Galactica Season 4
- The Spectacular Spiderman Season 1

Games I am playing now a days

My XBOX 360 is dead for the time being. So I am playing
- Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (PSP)
- No More Heroes (Wii)
- Pokemon Diamond (DS)

Recently watched movies I liked

- Over Her Dead Body
- Iron Man
- Juno
- The Hottie and the Nottie
- Untraceable
- Evan Almighty
- Hitman
- 27 Dresses
- Alvin & the Chipmunks

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Movies I'm looking forward to watch

- Speed Racer
- Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
- The Incredible Hulk
- Get Smart
- Wanted
- Hancock
- The Dark Knight
- The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
- Pineapple Express
- Tropic Thunder
- Hellboy 2: the Golden Army
- The Love Guru
- The Hammer


Hal-e-dil yar ko likhun kyon kar
Hath dil se juda nahin hota

Na tab hijr main hai na aram wasl main
Kambakht dil ko chain nahin hai kisi tarah

Subah ro ro k sham hoti hai
Shab tarap kar tamam hoti hai

Kahun kis se main k kya hai, shab-e-gam buri bala hai
Mujhe kya bura tha marna agar ek bar hota

Ab to ghabra ke ye kahte hain ke mar jayenge
Mar ke bhi chain na paya to kidhar jayenge

Ranjish hi sahi dil hi dukhaane ke liye aa
Aa phir se mujhe chhod ke jaane ke liye aa

Dil hee to hai na sang-o-khisht dard se bhar na aaye kyon
RoyeNge ham hazaar baar, koee hamein sataaye kyon

Gam se kahin najat mile chain payen ham
Dil khun main nahae to ganga nahayen ham

Daastaan-e-gham-e-dil unko sunaii na gayi
Baat bigdii kuchh aisii ki banaii na gayi
Sab ko ham bhool gaye josh-e-junoon mein lekin
Ek teri yaad thi aisi ki bhulaai na gayi
Ishq par kuchh na chalaa dida-e-tar ka jaadoo
Usne jo aag lagaa di woh bujhaai na gayi

Insaan jab is jahan mein aya uske pass gam tha
Aur jab is jahan se gaya tau uske pass gam tha
Khushi usne jis lamhe ko samajha aye rab
Dar-asal tab uske gam ka ehsas kam tha

Kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta…
Kahin zameen to kahin aasmaan nahin milta..
Tere jahan mein aisa nahin ke pyar na ho..
Jahan ummeed ho uski, wahan nahin milta…

Life at crossroads

Going through phase of my life, I never imagined I would have to. But then that is life. God works in mysterious ways.