Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Vacation Fun

Me and my baby are on Movie Marathon for last couple of days. Watching 3~4 movies a day (and night). What a joy. Man most of hindi movies are such crap.

She has already finished more then half of her summer vacation homework. We planning to hit the road in few weeks for vacation.

Her latest hobby is Nail Polish. Every day i take her nail polish off to apply new shade. Like her royal highness, she sits there and I am removing and applying Nail Polish. YEsterday night she was having late night sandwich, while I was applying nail polish on her feet. It is a blast. Yesterday we bought 10 new shades of nail polish. I am trying to convince her to buy Blue & Green shades and ues she bought Black.

She is developing great music taste. We almost have same taste. Everyday she wakes up to "Wakeup Little Sussie", then she listens to her playlist of 5 songs before she gets out of the bed. Playlist includes "Suzanna", "My Little Girl", "I Want Candy". "Please Forgive Me" and "Wonderful Tonight".

That reminds me time for the little Sussie to be woken up. ;)

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