Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deja Vu & Peace Is All We Need

18 years back, when I was in class 11th, I along with my friend Sandy (Sandeep Sharma) had formed a band called "Futurians".

Back then we had written a song called "Peace is all we need". No clue what inspired Sandy to start writting that song. Today while reading the song to Gamini (gave her all the lyrics we had written at that time couple of days back, as she has also started writing songs now), I just realised words written then is what we saw on the TV during Mumbai Carnage of 26/11. Each and every line reminded me of images seen on TV during those 3 days. Seemed like deja vu.

It reads like a poem written by a kids, but then again that's what we were then :)

Here are the lyrics:

"Peace Is All We Need"
Man is killing a man
We can't live, even if we can
Bodies laid down the lane
I can see it through the window pane
Guns are erected on buildings top
It is the common man being shot
All you can do is scream and shout
You're pulled away by a cop

What is the reason behind this
Can't understand at all
All we need is Peace
And peace is all we need

Clothes of people are full of blood
Some are killed and some just hurt
When I walk through empty streets
Blood strains are all I can see
There is so much insecurity
I can't cool down my curiosity
Where are those days of joy and gaiety
But now all I see is inhumanity


Flags brought up, flags brought down
Whose the king and whose the clown
You can see the faces with the frown
Its fear gripping the town
Oh God help them if you can
On all the killing there should be ban
Get rid of all this craziness
There should be endless reign of kindness


There should be room for everyone
Tomb for all those gone
For them we all mourn
And in despair we walk alone


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